Getting the
Details Right


We believe our passion shines through in the homes we build. A diverse team with over eighty years of collective experience, we are driven by the positive impact our homes have on the communities we develop.


We are committed to designing, building, and delivering spaces that uphold quality finish and function, from the day you move in to the countless shared moments that follow.


A passionate team of creative, detailed, and driven individuals. Providing a supportive environment for exploration is pivotal to our individual and collective growth. Our people are the backbone to our success – past, present, and future.


Relationships thrive with strong communication and unwavering commitment. Our partnerships with non-profit organizations, local residents, civic staff, and investors all evidence our dedication to compassion and performance.

Meet Our Team

  • Richard Wittstock

  • Riad Yassin

  • Rosa Jin

  • Rana Yassin

  • Reza Davani

  • Tracy Hunyh

  • Yasser Yassin

  • Mehrdad Ghods

  • Amir Pourmina

  • Talal Yassin

  • Anna Sarkissyan